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All of John Gledhill's limited editions are superb quality giclee prints, giving an accurate and realistic fine art reproduction and includes every subtlety and nuance down to the smallest details of light and shadow. Printed using light-fast pigmented inks onto Hahnemuhle William Turner acid free fine art paper (a principle approved by the fine-art trade guild) they have a lifetime guarantee well in excess of 50 years. Each picture is presented double-mounted with a 3.5 inch border. All our prints come cellophane bound and packaged between boards for maximum protection during transportation, ready for display in your gallery browser.

Hahnemuhle Fine Art have been producing and selling high-quality artist's paper since 1584. Over 420 years of experience have shown that this acid-free paper lasts for generations.

Hahnemuhle William Turner paper is 100% Rag, natural white, and lends itself perfectly to producing beautiful limited edition prints.

The evolution of computer technologies has created a huge benefit in an accurate and realistic reproduction for fine art printing. A fine art 'Giclee' is created from the artist's original artwork from an extremely high resolution digital image of the artwork, then loaded into specially enhanced printers that output the digital image onto fine art paper or canvas.

Since the digital image includes every subtlety and nuance of the original - including the smallest details of light and shadow - the quality of the fine art Giclee is often indistinguishable from the original work of art.

Giclee prints are printed using light-fast pigmented inks onto acid free fine art paper and this principal is approved by the Fine-art trade guild.

The word 'giclee', is itself French, and means to' spurt' or 'spray', although the spray is more like a mist, each droplet being the size of a red-blood cell. Unlike the full-colour lithograph system of plates making up a picture of tiny dots the Giclee system is one of 'continuous tone'.