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Martin Jones currently lives in Beverley, East Yorkshire. He studied at The North Essex School of Art and went on to gain an Honours Degree in Three Dimensional Design at Loughborough. He then exhibited at a series of shows, including the Home Interiors Exhibition at Olympia and the New Designers exhibition in London, which ultimately led to Martin moving to Yorkshire. Martin takes great inspiration from Yorkshires varied landscape. “Yorkshire is a beautiful place, and the East Riding of Yorkshire is a hidden gem with it’s glorious countryside and wonderful coastline. I feel if you have lived in a place of beauty all your life perhaps you are blind to what it can offer, for me being an outsider this is not the case and I am proud to have Yorkshire as my adopted home.” Now painting with acrylics onto long narrow canvas’ – a dual effect of always being a fan of panoramic photography and enjoying the depth and solidity of colour that acrylics offer – Martin uses brushes, palette knives and even his fingers, depending on the mood of the subject, every spare moment somehow spent on his passion for painting, painting his adopted home of Yorkshire.